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Why Choose A Promotor Display Counter?

By Philippe Jeffery, Managing Director of Promotor 

Promotor Industries International are the manufacturer of a large range of display counters, all of our display counters are manufactured by us here in the UK.

The portable display and exhibition industry has many innovative products, Promotor fits in to an area of this sector with its high quality display counters all made from known and carefully sourced raw material suppliers, so we know the true background of these materials which is perfect for manufacturing a high quality display counter.

Promotor industries are the originators of the Promotor Display counter and promotional displays we offer to our trade clients. Many display counters you see on the market are often copy style products and quite often call themselves Promotor display products, but are not. Once you see a copy display counter next to a genuine Promotor display you will be able to tell very easily that this is not one of our products. In-fact, so much so that we encourage, when quoting on a larger potential order against a copy display counter we will send one of ours to show the high quality of what we do. Often this will convince the client that they are buying the correct product by buying one of our genuine display counters. 

All of our products have many different features, often copy style display counters will come as a set kit with poles, header and bag many of which come from the same overseas manufacturer and many features can not be had from these suppliers, only a set kit. Our Promotor display counters come with various accessories, we have 20 different products with over 80 different accessories throughout the range of displays we offer.


We can supply the products with features depending on which display counter you chose from, such as, poles and header, carry bags, being tailored to the product, extra strong tops, reinforced shelf for items that could be heavy such as bottles or even a microwave oven. 

With some of our display counters you can have an iPad mount option and graphic rails to interchange your graphic. Newer displays we are now doing such as the Finesse, Finesse2, Swift 360, and now Rapido. Promotor can have wrap style graphics which are very easy to produce and display on your Promotional display counter, making this a very cost effective option as well as an easy and modern way to change your graphic on a regular basis. Spare parts are also available for all products, whether it is one piece or many parts to refurbish some well used displays, saving a lot on cost and giving your display counter a new lease of life. 

Not only have we considered all of the above but we have also made sure that our packaging has been well thought out as well, so each promotional display counter that we manufacture has packing that is tailored to that product and can be packed well into its tailor made packing carton so that it arrives with your client how it is intended. 

We really have thought of every way and option to make it easy to use and give the right image your brand requires when using our displays in a marketing event. 

"Many display counters you see on the market are often copy style products and quite often call themselves Promotor display products, but are not!"

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