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About Us.


Promotor was founded in 1991 by Michael Jeffery, a designer, innovator, and businessman. Michael formally owned a successful business called Storviders International LTD, which designed, built, and installed exhibition stands and manufactured portable displays. The Promotor Original was invented to provide marketing agencies with a portable display solution that was easy to construct, looked good and could also have bespoke branding applied to the front sides and headers if required. This became a great success during the late 80s, early 90s but as the recession hit, the exhibition stand business took a big hit. 

Promotor Industries International was then formed to focus on the Promotor counter and a couple of other portable displays that had been successful at Storviders. Within a short time, the Promotor range was going from strength to strength, and new styles and accessories were designed and sold all around the world to trade only resellers and agencies. 

Philippe Jeffery, Michael’s son, got involved with the business in the late 90s after having a successful career in sales. They decided between them that this would be a good opportunity to work together as Michael was looking for someone to build up the sales and marketing side of the business. Michael and Philippe’s personal relationship was strong and despite being concerned that working together could jeopardise this, it actually worked very well, and they became a successful team running an expanding business. Philippe became the Managing Director in 2004, and Michael retired in 2007.

Promotor Industries then continued to build the range of products and include some more free-standing displays such as the Promotor Solus, Standalone and Swift 360 which could also be used for other types of free-standing marketing over the traditional products used more for demonstrations. We then continued to grow our client base by supplying clients in the USA, and Canada. 

As our product range got bigger, we moved from our rented building to a brand new purpose-built facility that we project managed and built. This gave us more space to boost productivity and expand our product range. Being a UK manufacturer in a competitive market where most products are imported from China meant we had to offer our clients what our competitors couldn’t.  We bought high volumes of good quality raw material and combined with our skilled production techniques meant minimal waste with a high-quality final product. Owning our building meant we could keep down our overheads giving our clients a competitively priced product range and excellent customer service, which has always been our big selling point. 

As we started developing more products where printed graphics were being added after purchase we decided to offer this as part of our service. This became hugely successful and we then became a one-stop-shop, with our products leaving our factory ready to use. This also saved our clients money on the transport costs required to send the products to a third-party printer.

We continue to design, develop and supply our clients as we have always done, we are sure this will continue to grow. 

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