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Bespoke & Special Display Counters

Tailor Made in the UK

Being the manufacturers of an extensive range of products and having up to date CNC technology we do have some flexibility when it comes to tailoring products such as:

  • Reducing product height

  • Making products taller

  • Changing shelf positions

  • Adding openings in the front, sides or tops

  • Changing pole configurations

  • Changing header styles or sizes

  • Adapting bags to make larger or smaller

Promotor Special Effects depends on client's exact requirements. For more information please telephone or email and we can answer any questions on adapting products.

Promotional display counter parts

Bespoke Solus

Client application for the Solus Promotor with cut out in the top to be used as a portable dump bin.

Bespoke promotional display counters

Bespoke Solus

Adapted Solus to have board material for Body Panel which was used for direct print, being printed by digital flatbed technology.

Bespoke promotional display counters

Bespoke Action

We created a special flat top for the Promotor Action which was clear so stamps could be viewed safely and easily for an exhibition.

Bespoke promotional display counters

Bespoke Merit

This product was a Merit special. The client required the same shape but the base on the floor and the shelf in the middle.

Bespoke promotional display counters
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