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Our UK Factory

Our purpose built eco-factory

Our purpose built factory in Royston, Cambridgeshire in the UK was built in 2007/2008. It was designed and project managed by our Directors to be practical and eco friendly and allow maximum efficiency in our production. Owning our own building reduces our overheads and means there is no unnecessary inflation in the costs of our products.


Our EPC Rating

Promotor Factory EPC Rating-01.jpg

Recycling Materials

Plastic offcuts from our manufacturing process are reground and sent back to the manufacturers to be recycled. We recycle around 10kgs a year during a normal years production.

Nothing Wasted

Where possible, all other waste including all steel material and cardboard waste is sent for recycling. With this extensive recycling system in place our general waste is equivalent to a normal household.

Solar Power

Our factory roof is equipped with an array of solar panels which generate 27,720 Kwhs, this gives our factory a huge CO2 saving of 12348Kgs.


Construction of our purpose-built factory.

Promotor UK factory for promotional counters and displays
Proud to supply from stock

Promotor Industries International is proud to be the only display company to design and manufacture a product range of Promotional Display Counters and supply to trade only. All products are designed and manufactured by us in the UK and supplied from stock.

  • All products produced in our purpose built UK factory

  • Designers and manufacturers of over 19 different products, with 75 variations

  • Spare parts available for all products whether it is one part or several

  • We will not run out of stock

  • Full graphics production available on all Promotor products

  • Shipping available anywhere in the world

"we will not run out of stock"

All orders packed from stock tailored to client’s requirements and specification.
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