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Maxi 900

Technical Specifications

Display Size

Carton size

960(w) x 645(d) x 90mm(h)

Counter height


Maximum overall dimensions

570(w) x 470(d) x 2218mm(h)

Manufactured in the UK by Promotor

See spec sheet PDF below for full details

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Main Product Images (BRANDED).jpg

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Maxi 900 and Mini 750 promotional display counters have been designed to work in conjunction with the Original, Classic, Plus and Action display counters.

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Maxi 900

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Compact and cost effective

Maxi 900, when used for demonstrations where space is tight and floor areas are restricted, it is very popular because of its compact size and cost effective price

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Being the same height as other promotional display counters, except Champion and Bonus, it is a very useful cost effective ‘add on’ for extra work area

Feature Icons-01.png

Extra storage

Available with or without shelf for extra storage area

Feature Icons-01.png

Carry bag

Compact size for ease of transport and portability when packed into its tailor made carry bag

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Feature Icons-01.png

Feature Icons-01.png

Feature Icons-01.png


Finesse Wheely Bag Logo-01.png


Maxi 900

If you'd like to see more Promotor instructional videos, head over to our YouTube Channel

Download unbranded version here:

Seller Tools

Support Tools

Maxi 900

Specification Sheet

Maxi 900 Spec Sheet

Assembly Instructions

Maxi 900 Assembly Instructions

Graphic Template & Guidelines

Graphic Specification (No Shelf)

Graphic Specification (1 Shelf)

Graphic Template (No Shelf)

Graphic Template (1 Shelf)

Graphic templates are not available for this product. To see all of our graphic templates please visit our Download & Templates page.


Alternatively you can contact us for more information...

Graphic templates are not required for the IPad holders. If graphic templates are required for the graphics on the products please visit the Swift and Action product pages.


Alternatively you can contact us for more information...

Graphic Template Header

If you require any further help or information about our promotional displays, please get in contact using the button below and we'll be happy to help.



Maxi 900

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