Technical Specifications

Display Size

Carton size

1000(w) x 865(d) x 75mm(h)

Counter height


Maximum overall dimensions

836(w) x 490(d) x 2200mm(h)

Manufactured in the UK by Promotor

See spec sheet PDF below for full details

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The Popular is designed with a flat front and rectangular shape so graphics can be produced without a gap in the centre, a big advantage in some designs.

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Double sided

Double sided header panel, made from 3mm foam board easily slots into the tops of the header poles

Poles and header positioning

Poles and header can be located at the front or the back of the unit, simply change the shelf and top moving the holes front to back or the other way round

High quality design

Popular Promotor, although larger than the Classic and Original Promotors when packed into its black nylon carry bag, is easy and practical to move from one demonstration to another

Options available

Like the rest of its family Popular Promotor is available without poles header and bag, with no cost, optional, no hole top to give it a high quality finish


Support Tools


Specification Sheet

Popular Spec Sheet

Assembly Instructions

Popular Assembly Insrructions

Graphic Template & Guidelines

Graphic Specification

Graphic Template Body Panel

Graphic Header

Marketing Packs

Online Shop Marketing Pack

Print Media Marketing Pack

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General Design Patent Number D448,214


Designed and manufactured in the UK by Promotor Industries International | Patent Number D448,214

Promotor Industries International, founded in England by Michael Jeffery originator of the "Promotor" is a family owned and managed business specialising in the design, development and manufacture of portable demonstration, in-store sampling counters and promotional displays.

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